Healing properties of lemons & how to use them

Lemons may not be your favourite fruit to suck on, but our alkalising little friend has a lot to offer by way of health care. there's no better start to the day than hot water and fresh lemon juice to kick start your liver in the morning.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice prompts the liver into making bile, thereby stimulating organ function. Some people swear by it as a cure for hiccups, although I've never tried that, but it does a great job of flushing out my digestion.
Lemon juice is quick to reduce sickness, heartburn, digestion and intestinal disorders, even worms.  And it can alleviate rheumatic  fever, painful joints, lumbago and sciatica.

Sore throat
Gargling then swallowing fresh, raw lemon juice is an old remedy for sore throats, but regular drinking will reduce inflammations, colds and even lessen throat pain, as evidenced in the wide use in cough/cold remedies.

Vitamin C 
Packed with vitamin C, lemons and limes are highly carcinogenic and are good for reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, bringing down a fever and treat infections.

Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant and travels freely around the body, counteracting the harm caused by some free radicals, which damage cell tissue and membranes, causing swelling, immobility and joint pain.

Lemon is a diuretic so if you have cystitis or other urinary tract infections or uric acid problems, drink plenty of lemon juice to flush out toxins

Lemon Balm
Applying a balm to the abdomen will relieve menstrual cramps, while gently massaging a balm into the temples can alleviate headaches and dizziness.

Mental health
Refreshing, uplifting, sunny and happy the scent of lemons has a powerful effect on the mind. 
Burning a lemon essential oil in your house is a great way to boost moods and aid concentration and memory

Shampoo & dandruff
Rub a little lemon juice into your scalp prior to washing to remedy dandruff, and for glossy shiy hair, a final rinse in lemon juice removes all soapy traces.

It's not by accident that lemons are used in cleaning products as they are astringent and kill bacteria, and leaving a half cut lemon in your fridge wil keep it fresh and free of foul odours.

Lemons really are a super fruit so pick up a few and experiment - let me know how you get on.