About Me

Hi, I have a holistic approach to life and share my thoughts and advice regarding complementary therapies, health and well-being for mind, body and spirit.

I'm a health therapist interested in all aspects of health from herbal medicine to DNA scanning. 

Evidence suggests that people recovering from illness are far more likely to succeed if they have a positive mind set; and for many others their recovery is less painful when done alongside other forms of healing such as massage, reiki, EFT, acupuncture etc.

I think the combination of a clear mind intent on wellness, a nutritious diet to balance the body's cellular preferences and a light heart that is forgiving of the illness or health issue, will work wonders for anyone - be they under the influence of a heavy prescription or not. 

All medicine has its place and when we take responsibility for our health and wellbeing, accepting that mind, body and spirit are linked, we can change our health and life.

                                                      Comments and thoughts welcome, Loretta