Wheatgrass juice boost for energy slump

Wheatgrass juice is pure green power
After a month in Nepal eating rice, I returned to the UK and gorged on fresh baked bread.

Consequently, the gluten ground my digestive system to a halt and my energy levels, having been Himalayan high, stooped to all time low.

I knew the lethargy, resulting mood swings and emotional anxiety was nutrition related but just couldn't stop myself eating sluggish foods, until last week. I decided to take action. Juice action.

We know that juicing diets are advocated by health professionals, and to rectify many ills and health quirks, as well as generally cleansing and detoxifying, but for me it was simply to flush out my system and return my energy levels to their normal high.

But this time, rather than buy up a week's supply of fruit and veg for my juicer,  I looked into wheatgrass. I'd been ignoring it, apart from the occasional slug in a juice cafe, preferring to make my own juices at home - but I'm so glad I zoned in on it - this stuff is rocket fuel. After just a few days, I felt fitter, cleaner and more energised.

I am still a fan of my juicer,  and thoroughly recommend juicing, but I would also incorporate Wheatgrass into my nutrition intake in the future. Power to the Green!