Pomegranates are No 1 for heart health

Pomegranates contain the highest amount of naturally occurring antioxidants than any other fruit juice or drink, including red wine and green tea, according to Professor Michael Aviram.

Pomegranates form a major ingredient in many skin care products and the proven health benefits of this plump red fruit include increased circulation, better heart health and reduced cholesterol.

So if you're not already chomping into this healthy snacking superfruit, it's time to make friends with pomegranates.

Where are they from?
Pomegranates originated in the middle east but due to their widespread popularity are now grown in  California and South East Asia. A typical treat in many countries, but for some people the pomegranate still remains a curious fruit with its tough skin, red pulp and numerous seed sacs. The seeds are slippery, the skin inedible and the pulp needs scooping - so why bother?

It is through eating the pulp and drinking pomegranate juices that we ingest the good stuff. Regular snacking on the fruit will make a difference to how you feel. Stylish restaurants are rarely found without a pomegranate jus on the menu; supermarkets sell seed snack packs which are a tasty replacement for sweets, and at home you can blend all the soft bits to create smoothies, ice creams and sauces.

  • It is even suggested that the fruit can reverse some physical conditions, making it a cure not just a prevention remedy.

What's good about them? An average sized fruit contains:
  •  15% of your daily vitamin C
  • 4% of daily vitamin A
  • 2% of your daily iron needs
  • 3 times as much antioxidant as green tea!
What are the health benefits? Regular digestion of the pulp, seeds or drinking the juice can help:
  • Reduce dental plaque and bad breath
  • Reduce premature ageing
  • Fight the free radicals that harm the body and cause long term illness - Cancer, Alzheimer's
  • Increase libido
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce heart disease 
  • Lower blood pressure - reduce risk of a stroke
  • Weight loss
  • Soften dry skin
How can I get at all this goodness? You simply:
  • Eat the fruit - check your supermarket for healthy snack packs
  • Drink the juice
  • Take the supplements
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